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18th Century Candlesticks - Bell Metal and Brass

Tuesday 6th May 2014

Compare & Contrast the two lovely pairs of 18th Century Candlesticks we have just added (one pair brass, one pair bell metal)  

Bell Metal, as the name implies, is an alloy normally found in bell making and was used extensively from the mid 17th Century onwards.  It is less usually found in candlesticks of the Early Geo III period.  Look at the photos to see the coppery-gold sheen that is the trademark of this metal which gives it its particular allure, and see how in their simplicity and restraint you can see the influence of Huguenot Silversmiths.  

Different, but just as lovely, are the Brass Candlesticks with their pretty petal bases.   Both pairs are cast in two halves and seamed.  It is interesting to note that it was only in the 1770s that English brass makers were able to core-cast stems, thus obviating the need to cast in two halves and braze them together.  Indeed it is sometimes well nigh impossible to discern the join in candlesticks of the 18th Century. 

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