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6 Bowls Trophies in Kingwood from Selborne Bowling Club

A Collection of 6 Bowls Trophies from the Selborne Bowling Club at Ye Olde Cherry Tree, Southgate, London N14.  The bowls and stands turned in choice Kingwood with ivory inserts, makers stamp for Taylor-Rolph, London, comprising as follows:

Winner Selborne Trophy 1929
Selborne Team 1931
Selborne Pairs 1932
Runner Up Selborne Trophy 1932
Winner Selborne Trophy 1936
Selborne Pairs 1936

These trophy bowls are turned with the exact same bias as their full size equivalents, with finely detailed engraving, and would make an unusual and quirky gift to yourself or a bowling friend!

the bowls 2 1/2" diameter, the stands 3" high
overall height 5 1/2"

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