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Old Geological Ordnance Survey Map of Sidmouth

Framed Geological Ordnance Survey Map of Sidmouth, Devon, published 1906, reprinted 1959.  See photo no.2 for close-up of description as follows: 

"Original Geological Survey on the one-inch maps 21 and 22, by Sir H. T. de la Beche, C.B, F.R.S
Resurveyed on the one-inch old series maps by H.B.Woodward, W.A.E.Ussher and C.Reid, 1873-6,
and the geology transferred to the new series maps, with additions by A.J.Jukes-Browne, 1894-5.
Published with Drift 1906.        J.J.H.Teall, M.A.D.Sc.,F.R.S., Director
Reprinted 1959.   Sir William J.Pugh, O.B.E.D.Sc., F.R.S., Director, Geological Survey.

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