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Rare 18th Century Ladderback Chair

This is the earliest ladderback chair that we have been privileged to own. The woods used are elm, ash and beech, mellowed and patinated to a rich chestnut colour, and without any damage or restoration. The form of front leg is seen in walnut chairs of c.1720-40, and given a time lapse of fashion, this chair probably dates to c.1760. The graduating ladder of the back, with its subtle shaping, shows an exemplary contrast with later mass-produced rush seated chairs. This form of chair, made in considerable numbers and "reckoned cheaply", has not survived for this very reason, and like so much artisan craft becomes as much sculptural object as furniture. It retains the patina and texture of 250 years of gentle usage and may be judged a rare survival.

19 1/2"w

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