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Regency Carved Pole Screen in Gonçalo Alves circa 1820

Regency Carved Pole Screen in Gonçalo Alves wood, with amusing, original needlework. The quality of the carving & detail of the base, together with the use of Gonçalo Alves (or Albuera) wood indicates a possible Gillows manufacture.  This timber was first used by the firm in 1823, being 40% more expensive than mahogany but less than rosewoood, and came from the Portuguese colony of Brazil.  The eccentric needlework ("he who rides the dragon") is of the period but was probably originally in a gesso frame that has since perished, to be replaced by a simple cross banded frame.  The feet are scratch numbered IV-VI, indicating that this was one of a pair.

"If you ride a dragon, you will take advantage [sic] of its strength and might".
Chinese Proverb  

16"diameter, base

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