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South African Brass Mounted Trunk c 1910

A Fine & Rare South African Stinkwood & Brass mounted Trunk, circa 1910.  This fine quality trunk was made by and for the firm of CHARLES THESEN of Knysna, Cape Province, South Africa, - a large shipping, timber, mining, railways, general stores and manufacturing trading company.  The white star on a red pennant was the company logo, the fleet finally being sold off in 1920 

Stinkwood, Ocotea Bullata, is a species of flowering tree native to South Africa.  It produces very fine and valuable timber which was much sought after in the 19th & 20th centuries to make furniture of quality.  Due to over-exploitation, stinkwood is now a protected species.  Its name comes from the strong smell released when it is freshly felled.  

38" long
19" deep
22 1/2" high

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